First Stop: Singapore

I like to start this photo blog writing about my recent Singapore trip. This blog would feature photos from my trips, work, and random photo trips.

I just finished my undergraduate degree in the university and most graduates like me should be applying for jobs at this time. All the pressure of job hunting, applying for our dream companies, and starting our careers. I haven’t started this “job hunt” which we are all pressured to do especially now that competition is intense. And apart from competition, I’m graduating at the age of 23 unlike most who start to work at 20 or 21. I haven’t submitted a resume or even considered submitting one anytime soon. I just want to leave behind all the pressure at the moment and make the most out of this time doing what I love to do, travel and photography. How I wish I could do this for a living.

So for my first stop after graduation, I traveled to the bustling city of Singapore with my former photo editor at the campus pub, Jenner, and my thesismate, Zam. We went to Singapore via Jetstar which to my surprise was a convenient travel trip even though it was a budget airline. It was also my first time staying in a hostel. You can save a lot since the accommodation is very cheap compared to hotels (if you don’t mind sharing a room and toilets with other people). Just make sure to read reviews of the hostel you will be staying before booking. The reviews from and were very helpful.

Singapore is very much similar to Hong Kong. Except that the weather is hotter, the streets are cleaner and people are much disciplined. Also, people in Singapore are much more diverse comprising of Chinese, Malays, Indians, Arabs, and others. It is also easy getting around the city with their public transport system, MRT. Contrary to most people’s view that Singapore is very modern and you can’t find any culture in this city, you can still find authentic culture in Singapore. Visit Chinatown, Little India, or the Arab Street and you will find a mix of different people, markets, food, and places of worship in those areas.

I realized from this trip that it is best to remove all expectations (from you and others) of what a trip should be like and just simply make your own travel experience. We all have different travel experiences, different reasons for travelling, and different preferences on places to experience. Whether staying in a 5 star hotel or a local inn, dining in expensive restaurants or in the streets, travelling alone or with a group, joining a tour, visiting tourist attractions and amusement parks or exploring on your own. There should be no problem doing whatever you please.

Below are some of my travel photos from Singapore.

I would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Wong, Jenny, Tina, Lia and of course Angel for accompanying and showing us around Singapore. And to my companions Zam and Jenner. Many many thanks to you guys!

Colors fill the streets of Chinatown. It is such a convenient and lively location. The sidewalks are packed with food stalls and street vendors.

"Eating is a great passion in Singapore and life revolves around food" Food in Singapore is a mixture of different cuisines. From chinese, thai, indonesian, cantonese, indian, turkish, middle estern, malay.

Photo of our room in the hostel 5footwayinn located at Chinatown. The rooms are clean, cozy, and comfortable and the inn has a very convenient location (just above the mrt). I definitely recommend this inn for those looking for quality affordable accommodations in Singapore. And Elynn and the other staff were very friendly too.

The Merlion represents Singapore's roots as a fishing village and regarded as the "lion city". You can have a good view of Singapore's skyline here.

We were lucky to see some of the Terracotta warriors which were brought to the Asian Civilizations Museum for a limited time. Justin Lee's "Life After Death" exhibit was also featured during our visit which deals with the fusion of eastern and western cultures.

Little India, the heart of Indian culture in Singapore. It was my first time to visit Hindu temples and to come across Hindus preparing for a festival. I forgot the name of their festival but it was a 9 day period of prayer celebrating the blessings and fortune they have received. And on the 9th day they give thanks by offering a tool/object they use in their respective professions (i.e if you're a student you offer books).

Arab Street. You can find shops selling ethnic jewellery and fabrics, and middle eastern food here. The Sultan Mosque is found at the end of the street.

Inside Sultan Mosque at Arab Street

Funan Digital Mall is the place to find computer equipment, software, and gadgets.

Maxwell Hawker Center. Hawker centers are common in Singapore where you can find wide variety of food stalls at cheap prices. But it is usually packed during lunch and dinner times.

Orchard Road. a long strip of shopping malls from high end to casual brands - perfect for shopaholics.

We got the cheapest ticket to F1 race and only got to see practice races. Still a great experience.

Our kababayan Charice performed songs at the F1. I was surprised when two people came up to us and asked if Charice already performed pyramid. And when we said she already sang it, they looked so disappointed. She does have a lot of international fans. Some songs she performed include: pyramid, price tag, rolling in the deep, and before it explodes.

We ended our trip watching the Lion King play which will end its run in October. I don't watch plays that often but it is great to get to watch once in a while. I enjoyed the performances of this one. Photos were not allowed inside so here's a photo of me and my friend, Angel, at the Lion King shop.

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  1. amazing photographs.
    thanks for sharing!

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