Tea Chapter Teahouse

The server demonstrates the tea drinking process. I was not allowed to take her photo demonstrating the process so i just took a quick photo of her hand.

In my recent Singapore vacation trip, my friends and I decided to have a free day to split up and do whatever we like. My friends decided to go out with their respective Singaporean buddies. I went to explore and do some photography. I came upon Tea Chapter, a traditional teahouse located in Chinatown. The experience was really refreshing so I decided to do a separate post to feature the place. Tea Chapter offers guests a zen-like experience and remove all the clutter in our minds through the process of drinking tea. The ambiance of the place is perfect for relaxation and peaceful reflection. It also educates its guests on the traditional tea ceremony and the process of drinking it to have a better appreciation of tea. There’s more to it than simply putting tea leaves in a teapot. It involves a process, different utensils, and specific brewing times to achieve the perfect tea.

Guests are also given the option to choose the type of room they wish to stay whether Chinese, Korean, or Japanese. I chose to stay in the Chinese room (not because i’m Chinese). We can also experience drinking tea in the exact room where the Queen Elizabeth had hers for an additional price.

Photos below:

Lobby of the Teahouse

Chinese style room - brewing tea paraphernalia are on the table. This is also the room where Queen Elizabeth visited and had her tea.

Japanese Style Room

Korean Style Room

Teapots and teacups

Teapots and teacups

Shaomai, Dumplings, and Glutinous Rice

Shaomai, Dumplings, and Glutinous Rice

Photo of me

I happen to encounter students having an educational tour of the place

Entrance to the place. The facade is not that appealing but completely opposite inside.

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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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