Graduation and Gratitude

5 years ago, we were freshmen filled with excitement and uncertainty of what university life would bring. Courses such as CRITHIN, COMALGE, ENGLCOM, SCIMAT, and INTHROP felt like major subjects back then. And scanning through the 15 terms and hundreds of units in our flowchart was very overwhelming. Looking back, I can’t believe we were able to finally finish our degree. I can’t imagine that there would be no more school to dread every Sunday nights. No more early morning alarms for 8am classes. No more mylasalle to enroll or adjust. No more thesis to worry about. No more late night study sessions in coffee bean. All those are over for now and I somehow miss those things.

The future will always be uncertain. Uncertainty can be good; it just means the future is open to countless possibilities. So let’s embrace the uncertain, drop the fear, and enjoy every moment life brings.

This post is dedicated to the people who have become a huge part of my life in La Salle. Thank you:

to De La Salle University and the smoggy streets of Taft. Taft will always be my second home.

to my blockmates who were with me from the start.

to friends and classmates in mfi who made my last few terms memorable.

to The Lasallian Publication, tls 49 EB,  and the amazing people in the pub who always supported me.

to random classmates and groupmates in the classes I spent alone.

to the talented people I’ve worked with in my practice of photography: tlsphoto (fritz, juric, andrew, ricco, ian, patty, jikay, adi, martin, ralph, suzanne), (Jenner, Ronin, Icka, Vyn, Diego, and Quincy), Asiantraveler (Cherie and Pinky), (Dyan and Jean)

to my co-interns and supervisors (Karee, Ayie, Ms. Tina, Sir Jolly) at BPI who made my summer worthwhile.

to my 2 thesis advisers/mentors who helped me go through with 2 of the most difficult requirements in the university: Ms. Sibayan (who pushed me to my limits but somehow still made me laugh, to quote miss in our photo below “Dito tayo sa may fire hydrant para parang concept photo haha) and Ms. Ibanez (who always guided us through our problems).

to my wonderful Professors who have greatly inspired and influenced me. Some of them worth mentioning: Ms. Saulo and Ms Umali (who greatly inspired my photography), Prof. Sangil (who immersed me to the world of Harry Potter), Ms. Velasco (who guided me towards Zen, awareness and enlightenment), Sir Steven and Clive (who brought light to finance, although stressful).

and of course to my parents, family, and relatives for all the love and support ever since.

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One thought on “Graduation and Gratitude

  1. Rene Cuartero on said:

    I just read this… *teardrop* :’)

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