New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year everyone, especially to the readers and followers of my blog! Just a quick post as the year ends and a new one begins. This New Year’s Eve has been different and special for me as I welcome the new year at the country that is very close to my heart, Japan. I spent the day just reflecting at peace through the amazing and lovely Zen temples of Kyoto. And just before eve, I came back to Osaka to welcome the New Year with my family. What a beautiful way to end the year and it makes me realize what a great year has passed. I am really thankful for everything that has happened this year. This year, I finished my undergraduate thesis, underwent internship at BPI, finally graduated, and I was able to do what I love, travelling and photography. Most of all, I am grateful simply having my family and true friends behind me to support me. I have really been gifted with great opportunities to practice my craft this past couple of months. And I really do hope and pray that I would be able to continue and pursue my passion in photography as a career this coming 2012!

Something I learned from Zen for my New Year’s Resolution, practice being more present now rather than being imprisoned by the past and having anxieties for the future. Live and just be present every moment, that way life would be more beautiful and we appreciate it more may it bring good or bad experiences.

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