Osaka, Japan

I love Japan. Whether in the busy city of Tokyo and Osaka or the more traditional and rustic Kyoto. Not to mention one of my favorite apparel brands, Uniqlo, is located here! Last 2011, we spent the holidays at Osaka. Osaka is Japan’s third largest city. The weather was really cool going as low as 2 degrees. It’s my first time to experience that kind of weather. It was a bit of a challenge at first walking the streets freezing cold. We had to wear layers of clothing, gloves, and scarves.

Japan’s streets has so much energy and feels so much alive. Its culture is also rich and diverse. From its cities, mountains, markets, temples, food stalls, trains, sushi bars, traditional houses, narrow alleyways, vibrant fashion, and of course its people. I noticed how the Japanese people are very warm and sincere the way they interact. And one can feel their profound sense of gratitude to all things. Nothing also beats Japanese cuisine like sushi, sashimi, tempura, and ramen. This is believed to be the reason of the longevity of Japanese folks. I did not pass up the chance to try Osaka’s famous street food, Takoyaki.

Moreover, their systems are very efficient. The moment we got down the airport, we did not experience any hassles and our baggages were released right away. An area in which our Philippine government could greatly improve on. The trains and public transport enables you to travel with ease across different cities. Food establishments in the streets are manned by only 1 or 2 people and they are able to provide service to every customer who enters.

Enjoy the photos below from Osaka, Japan. Photos from Nara and Kyoto soon!

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2 thoughts on “Osaka, Japan

  1. Your photos are so vibrant! Japan seems like a country that would endlessly amaze me; if I lived there, I don’t think I would ever stop exploring! I particularly liked the insane craziness of that pachinko photo, but then again all the photos are superb!

  2. angelbombarda on said:

    I love the photo of the couple though medyo creepy that you took their photo while they were having a private moment, haha. And some of the photos look like they were shot in NY :).

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