Nara, Japan

We took a day trip to Nara just around 40 minutes away Osaka via the Kintetsu Subway Line. Nara was a breathe of fresh air from the bustling Osaka. It’s just a small town and deer roam freely in the streets. But sadly, they had to cut their antlers since it may pose a danger to locals and tourists. There’s even a warning sign posted in the streets informing people ways a Deer could attack (photo below). Since it’s a small town, we rented bicycles to be able to go around. It felt great exploring the old town with just a bicycle, good company, and a map coupled with the cool weather and the beautiful scenery of nature and small Japanese houses. We were also able to visit UNESCO heritage sites such as the Shinto shrine of Kasuga Taisha and the Buddhist Todaiji temple.

More photos of Nara below.

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