On Assignment: Camarines Sur Watersports Complex

I was really excited for my first on-location assignment for a publication. I was paired with veteran director and asianTraveler writer, Dong Fajardo, who proved to be a fun companion for the trip. Our starting point was CWC Complex at Camarines Sur just about a 40 minute airplane ride from Manila via airphil express. As we arrived Naga airport, we were greeted by Joseph Palo who served as our guide throughout. We immediately headed to the CWC Complex to do a series of shoots and interviews. CWC boasts its world class cable ski facility where even beginners can enjoy wakeboarding. The resort also features different kinds of rooms where guests can stay from Tiki Huts, Wood Cabins, Containers, Cabanas, and Villas.

I really enjoy doing travel photography, but it also involves a lot of work and non-stop shooting. From the moment we arrived, I was shooting all of the resort’s facilities, each room it offers to guests, food, portraits of chefs, managers, and supervisors. As a photographer, I really get to develop my photography in different fields from landscapes, food, portraits, interiors, and even sports. At night, I make sure to have night shots of the resort. And it is only after dinner that I really have time to relax. But I really love this job! We get to try out different kinds of food and enjoy the resort’s accommodation and facilities. I wish I can do this forever. We were able to stay only for the night at CWC and headed to Caramoan islands the next day, which will be featured in the next post.

Meanwhile, enjoy some of these photos from CWC.

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3 thoughts on “On Assignment: Camarines Sur Watersports Complex

  1. Congrats, Justin! I’m sure the other photos are nice, as well. : D

    Let’s go to CamSur naman! Pero before that, kailangan munang matuloy ang hindi matuloy-tuloy na Bataan trip. Haha! : ))

    • justindejesus on said:

      Thanks rene! Haha onga super tagal na. if di kayo busy ni madame sa work ituloy na natin yun tamang tama summer na! :))

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